A Cullom Tradition

My cousin Randy and I watching the balloon go up!

People gather each year to watch the balloon go up!

When it’s August in Cullom it’s time for a Homecoming Celebration.

Children have been waiting all summer for the Carnival to come to town, and regretfully know summer is about over and school will be starting soon.  Others are getting ready to show off their hard work at the Junior Fair, the Domestic Arts and Flower Shows. Groups are frantically making sure all their work and plans are coming together… tents are going up soon.

Since 1892, we in Cullom… have been celebrating!

There is a newspaper account from 1898 describing how there was a constant stream of buggies coming from each direction pouring into town, so close it seemed like a two hour procession. The estimate was between six and eight thousand people were in Cullom. It recorded it was the largest crowd in the town’s history, August 15, 1898 was a day to be remembered.

This year besides the Carnival and Fair, the churches and FFA Alumni will be serving food.  You know you’ll have a piece of pie each night to go along with a corndog, funnel cake and at least one lemon shakeup!

There is an Antique Tractor Show and Tractor Pull Demonstrations to watch. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a few games of Bingo, attending the Livestock and Pie Auction, visiting with friends you haven’t seen for years and most likely a stop at the local watering hole.

It starts off with the Balloon Ascension on Thursday evening <August 7th> and ends with a spectacular Fireworks Display on Saturday night <August 9th>.

Please enjoy some photos from years gone by…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Later… Barbara


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