It’s been awhile…

It’s been awhile…

Don’t you hate politicians who say one thing before an election and do something else after?  Me too!  I was sworn into office as Village President April 23rd.  Since then we have held two Regular Board Meetings, and five Special Board Meetings.  Not bad for the first two months    Oh wait… this does not include a bid opening, a few committee meetings, and spending every Wednesday evening at the Village Office.  This Board has been busy!

My point in telling you all this is to let you know, I have not had the time to do much writing or keep everyone up-to-date as promised.  So… I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what we have been up to on the Cullom Village Board.

You may or may not know… Cullom needs a new well.  Our Well #2 on North Hickory Street completed in 1947 is deteriorating.  We found out about this late last year.  Currently, it is pumping about 40 gallons per minute… it should be closer to 100 gallons per minute. Don’t panic… we do have two wells, Well #3 which is okay, however, it does take both wells to provide all the water the village uses. So you know, there had been a Well #1 which was abandoned years ago.

After investigation it was determined the location of Well #2 is not on Village property. It was decided it was not a good idea to be spending money it will take to dig a new well and not have it on property the Village owned.  Property was purchased on North Ash Street next to Regency Woodworking, the old building was demolished and trees removed.  In the future, there will be plenty of room for a new water tower on this property if needed.

Negotiations with Ameren have been finalized to bring power to the new well site, and the permit from the EPA has been received.  The bid opening will be July 2nd for digging the new well and new water line.  Our intention is to award the contracts on or about July 9th

Whew… made me tired just writing all this…Yet, we have also been actively working on updating the waaaay out-of-date ordinances, acquiring a new auditor, contemplating 2013 street repairs, town maintenance, appropriations, water bills, barking dogs, homeowner’s lawn upkeep… and going after unlicensed, abandoned vehicles next!

The bad news is we had one board member resign, Paul Flessner.  He will be greatly missed.  The good news, Brad Wallrich will be appointed as our new trustee at the regular scheduled board meeting July 23rd.

You will start to see notices around town about conserving water.  With the condition of our well, it is important everyone needs to be using water responsibly.

Also, to give everyone a head’s up… Frontier Communications will shortly be bringing in a fiber optic cable.  Village right-of-ways on East Hack, North Hickory, East Jeffery and North Oak are going to be affected.

I will try to do better in the future keeping everyone up-to-date. If you have questions you can leave a message at 815.689.2160, contact me by email, or I am at the Village Office every Wednesday 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Oh yes… I do have a job, and those pesky kids of mine… always want to eat and complain when there isn’t any food in the house and the laundry isn’t done.  I’m a Mom too… sometimes I need to remember to keep everything in perspective! 

Later… Barbara


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A small town girl trying to make a difference in my children's lives, my community, my business and myself. I am always writing a story in my head. One of my favorite quotes: "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me." Ayn Rand

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