Brighten someone’s holiday…


When was the last time you wrote a letter?  Has it become a lost art?

You know an honest to goodness pen and paper letter… where you seal an envelope, and use a stamp.  If you’re like me, I bet it’s been awhile.  We live in the age of text messages and emails, so why bother, right?

Maybe this year you should send a card with a handwritten letter. My point today with Christmas fast approaching… think of a friend or relative you haven’t been in touch with for awhile… It doesn’t need to be long… even an update about what you and your family have been doing the past year would be welcomed by many.

Although, do you need to say how much you appreciate someone, remind a friend of a funny story you share, or how special they are to you? Maybe it could be a goal this year to thank someone for how they have influenced your life… tell them, write a letter.

When my Grandma was alive and any of her grand-kids moved from the area, my cousins and I received a letter almost every week.  We were kept up-to-date with the meetings she attended, who were sick, who died, what the weather was like, and whom she was crocheting an afghan for that week.  She truly believed in staying in touch with her family and friends.

I would occasionally write back, but not as often as I should <could> have.  Even with my sporadic return letters, I always looked forward to hearing from Grandma.  I only saved a few, now that she is gone, I wish I had saved them all.  The trip to the mailbox was always better when I saw that letter from Grandma.  It meant I was important to her and she loved me.  Maybe, you can brighten someone’s day as well… send a card, write a letter!

Later… Barbara

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