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Honeybees and Butterflies at Christmas…


Especially this time of year my mind wonders back to Jamaica.  Have I mentioned… “I HATE SNOW” ?

Freshly fallen snow covering the brownness of fall is always picturesque. There is nothing more magical than a sunny morning after an overnight snowstorm.  Undisturbed sparkles seem to quiet the world.  Okay, hate is probably not the best word to use, let’s just say… “I strongly dislike snow!”  I tolerate it on Christmas Eve, it should be gone by New Year’s Day!

I must explain the tropics in winter have a magic all its own too.  I recall one Christmas morning sitting on my patio sipping a cup of Blue Mountain coffee, soaking in the warmth from the sunshine.  My thoughts were about family and friends escaping the cold of Illinois and arriving shortly.  At first, I was feeling down in the dumps, something didn’t seem quite right.  Besides thinking about people I missed, I began to believe I missed the snow too.  I even had Bing Crosby in my head singing… I’m… Dreaming… of a White… Christmas

Then I started watching the honeybees and butterflies dancing and playing among the flowers like miniature fairies. I immediately recaptured my sanity; I will never forget watching them and how they made me smile!  It’s one of my favorite memories of Christmas in Jamaica… watching honeybees and butterflies.  I didn’t miss the icicles and slippery roads one bit!  What a fabulous place to be for the holidays; forget snow… time to go for a swim! 

Santa at Beach

Later… Barbara


Brighten someone’s holiday…


When was the last time you wrote a letter?  Has it become a lost art?

You know an honest to goodness pen and paper letter… where you seal an envelope, and use a stamp.  If you’re like me, I bet it’s been awhile.  We live in the age of text messages and emails, so why bother, right?

Maybe this year you should send a card with a handwritten letter. My point today with Christmas fast approaching… think of a friend or relative you haven’t been in touch with for awhile… It doesn’t need to be long… even an update about what you and your family have been doing the past year would be welcomed by many.

Although, do you need to say how much you appreciate someone, remind a friend of a funny story you share, or how special they are to you? Maybe it could be a goal this year to thank someone for how they have influenced your life… tell them, write a letter.

When my Grandma was alive and any of her grand-kids moved from the area, my cousins and I received a letter almost every week.  We were kept up-to-date with the meetings she attended, who were sick, who died, what the weather was like, and whom she was crocheting an afghan for that week.  She truly believed in staying in touch with her family and friends.

I would occasionally write back, but not as often as I should <could> have.  Even with my sporadic return letters, I always looked forward to hearing from Grandma.  I only saved a few, now that she is gone, I wish I had saved them all.  The trip to the mailbox was always better when I saw that letter from Grandma.  It meant I was important to her and she loved me.  Maybe, you can brighten someone’s day as well… send a card, write a letter!

Later… Barbara

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Find out what’s going on in Cullom


I’ve got a new addition to my site.  If you look over on the right side column you will see a link to the Cullom, Illinois web site. A great place to find out about our town, check it out.  Judy Ehlers does a fine job keeping it up-to-date.

For now, I’ve added a few more older photographs you might find of interest.

The photograph of a bird’s eye view is taken from the water tower looking east. The area in the center with the trees is where the park is today.

The photograph of the Train Depot isn’t the best, but I love the smoke coming from the train engine.

The photographs of Hack <Main> Street were taken in 1954.

The older photograph of Hack <Main> Street, a poor picture, but notice the horse and buggies.

Tile Factory, is where our Pit is today.

Hope you enjoy them!  Again, you should check out Cullom’s Web Site!

Later… Barbara

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