Barbara Hahn

Just a small town girl… with a place to talk about some of my interests and what it’s like living in a small town, Cullom, Illinois.  I will try and tell a few things about Hahn Industries, the family business and myself along the way.



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  1. Hi Barbara, I found your BLOG by Googling Images of Cullom. I was looking for old images of Cullom for the genealogy paper I am writing. A pair of Great grandparents lived in Cullom 1910-1920. He was the station agent at the depot. My Grandfather was born in Cullom in 1911.
    In my article I mentioned some general info about living there such as Hahn dairy. When I started reading your BLOG I wondered if you were related to the dairy people. I kept on reading a discovered you are.
    In 2004 I heard about Dr. Beckman’s death and his age and I realized that their could be someone still alive that knew my Grandfather (born 1911) in Cullom.
    Several years after 2004 I visited Cullom looking. The postman sent me to Agnes and the late Monard Schram. My wife and I went to the Schram’s house and knocked, we had a real nice visit. Agnes gave ma a copy of the Centennial book of Cullom. About once a year I go the the Beckman library and read the microfilm Cullom newspapers looking for articles about the depot.
    I have provide some photo prints of my ancestors to the library.
    Well anyway I just wanted to comment, I like your BLOG.
    Also liked reading about Jocko Graves.
    Have a great 2013, take care.

    • Larry,
      Thank you for taking time to comment. Curious, who are your grandparents? <Without going and checking, I believe I remember hearing of a Jack Terrell who worked at the Depot.> My Great-Grandpa, John Hahn ran the Hahn Dairy, my Grandfather was born in 1910, so they probably grew up together.

      In 1981 – 82 I worked on the Cullom Centennial Book with Irene (Koerner) Gassler. She was a goldmine of information of Cullom’s history. I helped collect photographs, did some of her legwork, talked to many older folks, and typed everything out for publication with a typewriter. I still hear people refer to it when they have a question regarding Cullom’s history… say “check the Centennial Book.”

      Unfortunately, many of the older ones are passing on, and history starts to become sketchy. It’s important to chronicle as much as we can while people are around to ask.

      If you have time on your next visit to Cullom, you must stop in to Hahn Industries, I would like to meet you, I’m sure we have a few stories we could share.
      Later… Barbara

      • Hi Barbara, The Great grandparents in were Ernest Frank Bradbury and Nancy “Nanny” Ann (Wooley.) Ernest was working for the ICRR, At some time he became the station agent. They relocated to Cullom sometime before the 1910 US Census, they were listed on Cleveland street in Cullom. In 1920 they were relocated to Arcola, IL. Ernest retired while still at Arcola in 1953.
        The Cullom Chronicle, 14 Sept. 1911, had a small article entitled A Change is Needed it mentioned station agent Bradbury.
        The Bradburys had two children Marjorie Alice born 19 Aug. 1904 and my Grandfather Theodore born 21 Sep 1911 in Cullom.
        Marjorie took a lot of pictures around Cullom, many included her friends Vera Ausler and another girl E. G.
        Does Vera Ausler ring any bells?
        I have a photo from the period of boys playing marbles at the intersection of the city park sidewalk and the railroad tracks. South-west corner of the park. Maybe a relative is in it??

        When I spoke with Monard Schramm we learned he grew up in the old Station Agents house beside the depot. This is where my family lived for part of their time in Cullom.

        I would like to talk with you about Cullom sometime. I see Hahn Ind. is closed in Jan. Is that when you are SCUBA diving in Jamaca??

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